For those teachers who are unable to attend our June 9, 2019 General Meeting about the upcoming competition season, please feel free to submit your questions and feedback using the form below. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner by posting answers below.


June 9, 2019 General Meeting Notes

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Teacher FAQ Answered…

  1. What happened to “High School?”
    In previous years, Level IV included ages 13-14 and HS included 15-18 (2 year level + 4 year level). In 2019, the six-year age spread is divided equally into two three-year levels: Level IV (13-15) & Young Artist (16-18).

  2. Why not “Level V?”
    The name “Young Artist” was selected above “Level V” to add prestige for college applicants.

  3. Will HMTA be using the same application process as last year?
    No. This year, we will be moving to parent-driven applications for the Hawaiʻi State Music Competition. Teachers will no longer have to collect student information, payments and photos. Instead, parents will fill out the application and pay online.

    Please advise your parents that, in order to complete their applications, they will need to prepare in advance:

    1. Musical selections (timings not required)

    2. Photo of the student (smartphone photos are okay)

    3. Accompanist name and email address (Strings & Woodwinds only)

  4. What happened to music waivers?
    Music waivers will be integrated into the online application system. The parent will be required to check a box accepting our General Liability Release and Music Release. All language for the Music Release (including in our guidelines) has been borrowed from MTNA National Competitions.

  5. Is the student’s age the age on the date of the actual competition or the age at the time of application deadline?
    For the Hawaiʻi State Music Competition, the student’s age on October 15, 2019 will be the official competition age.