The MTNA National Performance Competitions provide opportunities for students in junior high, high school, and college/university to compete at a national level. In addition to solo competitions, students who are between the ages of 18 and 26 can form chamber music ensembles and compete in the Chamber Music category. Competitions are held at the state level first, and once winners are selected, they will represent the state of Hawai`i in the Southwest Division Competitions. For year 2018, the Division Competitions will be held Online-only. Winners will not need to leave Hawai`i to compete in person, but simply, submit a performance video. The video recording process will be fully sponsored and organized by the Hawai`i Music Teachers Association. Winners of the Division Competitions will then compete at the national level at the 2019 MTNA National Conference in Spokane, Washington. If a Hawai`i state winner were to advance to the National level, the association would provide a partial travel award.

Registration is closed for 2018 competitions.

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