As a member of MTNA and HMTA, music teachers have access to these valuable resources…



Members receive discounts on

  • MTNA conferences and competitions

  • office supplies

  • travel and much more!


The MTNA Professional Certification Program exists to improve the level of professionalism within the field of music teaching. Certification helps readily identify competent music teachers within the community and provides these teachers with prestige, recognition and the potential for student recruitment and increased earning power.

MTNA Foundation Grants

Members of MTNA are eligible for MTNA Foundation Grants. The foundation offers the following 3 types of grants to support its members and member organizations. 

  1. Partnership Development Grants

  2. Professional Development Grants

  3. Membership Support Grants

Educational opportunities

Members gain access to:

  • MTNA's preeminent yearly national conference, with workshops and seminars on teaching (including group and recreational music-making), ethics, industry developments and more.

  • Professional Development programs, including MTNA's popular monthly webinars cover a variety of topics of interest to music teachers, from studio resources to ornamentation to cybersecurity.

  • MTNA’s online resources for the independent music teacher include musician wellness, teaching tips, webinars and more.

Exclusive publications

MTNA keeps you up-to-date with current trends in the music industries with our two exclusive publications:

  • American Music Teacher—the official journal of MTNA, providing articles, columns and reviews to inform, educate and challenge six times a year

  • MTNA e-Journal —an online-based journal containing informational articles supplemented with interactive features and extras.

Professional support

  • recommendations and referrals for studio resources

  • insurance and legal consultation

  • merchant services and new technology resources