NEW IN 2019: The MTNA Chamber Music Competitions will be a two-tier competition: a Preliminary Round, by video submission only and a Final Round, live at the National Conference. Ensembles will compete without regard to the state or division in which they live or take lessons.

The age of ensemble members must be 18–29 as of January 1, 2020.

Please consult for further details regarding eligibility and repertoire.

RECORDING assistance

For chamber music ensembles wishing to enter the video preliminary of the MTNA’s Chamber Music Performance Competition, HMTA offers to provide a venue for recording and arrange for professional video recording. However, all expenses associated with the video recording (except for venue) will be the responsibility of the applicants. Please contact by November 1, 2019 to request assistance.

Chamber music ensembles may choose not to accept HMTA’s recording offer, in which case they will be responsible for producing their own videos by MTNA’s deadline.

Travel Stipends for National Final Round

  • Chamber Music Ensembles who advance to the Final Round competition (at MTNA’s National Conference) are entitled to receive a travel stipend of $500/individual from HMTA. In order to receive the stipend, the ensemble must be sponsored by an Active Member of HMTA.

  • Any Active Member-Teacher of HMTA whose ensemble advances to the Final Round (at MTNA’s National Conference) will receive a travel stipend of $200.